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The Witchie Glossary

Welcome to the witchie glossary here you will find a list of witchie items commonly used in the craft and their magickal uses. If you don't see what you are looking for in the witchie glossary feel free to contact me with your request. Please put witchie glossary in the "subject" area of the email.


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Alignment/Attunement- The art and practice of placing our spiritual and mental selves in sync with the energies of an astronomical event (i.e.; a full moon) or another being (i.e.; a God or Goddess.) This can be achieved through mental excercises, evocation, invocation, or ritual.

Amulet- an object worn, carried or placed to dispell or drive away negativity or other vibrations; a protective object.

Athame- A knife used by Witches to draw the magick circle and to store and direct energy. A Witch's athame has either a black or white handle. It also has various Magickal symbols enscribed on its blade.

Akasha- The fifth element, the omnipresent spiritual power that permeates the universe. It is the energy out of which the Elements formed.

Aspurge- To purify ritually by sprinkling with salt water. Often this is done by dipping a fragrant branch, such as rosemary, into the water and sprinkling it over the participant in a ritual.

Aura- The energy field existing around all living things.

Book of Shadows- A collection of Wiccan Ritual information that usually includes religious rituals, magick and advice. There are many Books of Shadows; there is no one correct Book of Shadows.

Balefire- A large outdoor fire, traditionally burned on Yule, Beltane, and Midsummer.

Bane- a cause of great distress or annoyance.

Banish- send (someone or somthing) away as an official punishment.

Besom- A Broom made from a bundle of twigs.

Boline- A white handled knife used for ritual cutting of cakes, cords, herbs, etc. It is not a weapon.

Bless- To bless something or someone is to set it apart as sacred, or, as the dictionaries prefer, to make it "holy." The word is sometimes used synonymously with "consecrate."

Ceremonial Magick- a system of magick that uses intricate rituals to effect either material or spiritual results. Most (but not all) forms of ceremonial magick are heavily influenced by medieval Jewish mysticism.

Censer- A heat-proof container in which incense is smoldered during ritual. An incense burner. Usually associated, in Wicca, with the Element of Air.

Charging- To infuse an object with Personal Power. To charge is an act of magick.

Coven-A group or gathering of witches who meet regularly.

Chalice- A ritual goblet.

Cone of Power- Power from a coven of witches or a solitary witch that generates and collects in the form of a cone.

Cauldron- A large iron vessel used for boiling. It is a tool for transformation, and when filled with water, scrying.

Circle- A ritually dedicated sacred space where Witchs' rites are conducted "between the worlds." Marked at least by psychic energy and the HP's sword or athame, the border also supports "Quarter Candles" at the compass points. It may also be marked with stones, more candles, drawn lines, or with an embroidered or painted mat. Once cast, a circle may not be entered or left until a door, quickly resealed, is ritually cut. The psychic energy of a circle is always grounded at the close of ritual and celebration, but the physical demarcations may be left in place if the circle is on safe private property.