Pentacle Tile Picture
Pentacle Tile Picture

Natural Craft Wands

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The spells found here should only be used for good intentions.

Do keep in mind that Spells are personal, they should be written 

by the person using them and only by them. That is where the power lies. 

If you take a spell from someone else and use it, you are setting yourself up 

to share in their Karma for that spell. You may have good intentions 

but the person who wrote it may have done it for the wrong reasons.

Protection Spell

Using a blue or clear bottle fill the bottle with natural running water 

from a river, stream or waterfall. Add one Silver Coin to the bottle and close. 

Set the bottle out under the light of the full moon. Then using white cord, 

bind a single Bat Nut and a sprig of Witchgrass to the neck of the bottle

Hang the bottle in a tree in your front yard, or at the corner eave of your house. 

Repeat the following spell after hanging the talisman. 

I call upon thee To protect my home from evil, 

darkness, and negativity I descend a boundary, 

a safe wall, around my home, as a shield from all evil
Bless my house with your love, peace, and protection.

So mote it be, so be it should!

(Optional): Leave an offering of your choice outside near your home 

[I like to burn love incense or leave 2 corn muffins as offerings]