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Green Aventurine Stone Pendulum


This stone pendulum is approx. 1 inch in length and the chains is 6 1/2" long. This item comes with a free organza pouch.





A pendulum can be used to divine the answer to simple Yes/No/Maybe questions.

There are more complex forms of pendulum scrying, including water or metal dowsing, identifying the sex of the unborn, remote dowsing, finding lost items, and Ouija-type communication. In this last method, letters of the alphabet together with simple words are placed beneath the pendulum and detailed answers spelled out.



Pendulum scrying is a centuries-old divination technique. The method and the tool are both simple and it is likely that pendulum scrying was in use long before recorded history. For many people, it works better than any other method of divination so the pendulum continues to be a popular tool.

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