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Hanging Witch Ball Sea Witch Blue Spirit Catcher


This beautiful hanging witch ball is 100% handmade it features a silver tone pentacle charm and crystal bicones. This witch ball is made with high quality bronze and iron and is 10 inches long.


Witch Balls originated in 18th Century England, when they were hung in cottage windows to ward off Evil Spirits, Hexes, and Ill Fortune. It originated among cultures where Witches ere considered a blessing and they would Enchant the balls to enhance their potency against Evils. These Unique Witch Balls capture Evil Spirits & negative Energy and dissolves them ~ never to bother you again!


This Orb holds the power of the Full Moon and brings you blessings and insight into Goddess mysteries, health, the home, children, prophetic dreams, reincarnation, sleep and emotional healing. Hang this Heavenly Power Orb anywhere in your home, office, car or anywhere to usher in the peaceful, harmonizing Energy. Any malevolent Spirits, hexes, curses, negative energy, etc., will be pulled into the vortex of the orb and gone forever.


You can also use it to re-energize your Sacred Space!



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