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Medieval Style Locket Amulet Necklace


This beautiful necklace features a lovely locket amulet that holds a beautiful gemstone or resin of your choice. The Amulet comes on a 27" chain with lobster clasp.



What's Included In Your Order:


1 Locket Amulet (20mm) Sliver Plated

1 27" Chain With Lobster Clasp

1 Gemstone/Resin Of Your Choice

1 Scroll That Tells You About The Gemstone/Resin You Have Chosen

1 Black Pouch

---------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------


Garnet Top (4 IN STOCK)

 Amethyst Top (3 IN STOCK)

 Blue Goldstone (1 IN STOCK)

What Stone Would You Like On The Top Of Your Locket?: Amethyst, Sunstone Or Garnet

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