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Natural Craft Wands

You'r One Stop Custom Wand Shop!


FAQ About Natural Craft Wands

  1. Where Are You Located?

    We are located in Marysville Washington.

  2. How Long Does It Take To Make A Wand?

    A wand can take 1-3 weeks to craft. If your wand is going to take more then 3 weeks to craft we will contact you.

  3. What Are The Payment Methods?

    USA ONLY: We accept Paypal, Money Order, or Cash (PLEASE NOTE: Your wand will not be crafted until payment clears.)

  4. Are Your Wands Natural?

    Yes, All of our wands are natural we do not use chemical stains nor oils only "natural" oils and waxes.

  5. Are your Wands In Any Stores?

    Yes they are click this link and it will take you to the retail location page on this site. http://naturalcraftwands.webs.com/retaillocations.htm

  6. What Kind Of Wood Do You Have For Wands?

    We have all kinds of wood! If you click on this link below it will take you to our custom wand page and there you will see all the diffrent kinds of wood we offer followed by the picture of the type of wood. http:/naturalcraftwands.net/customwands.htm

  7. Who Makes Your Wands?

    Master Wandcrafter M. L Brown.

  8. Can You Take Custom Wand Requests?

    I sure do! One of my favorite things to do is take someones wand idea and bring it to life for them!

  9. Do You Ship Outside Of The US?

    I ship worldwide! If you live outside of the US all you need to do is contact me via email so we can talk ab shipping fees. Natural_Craft_Wands@yahoo.com

  10. Are Your Magic Wands Real?

    Yes, our magic wands are as real as any wand can be. The magic is not in the wand, but is channeled through the wand's owner.

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