Pentacle Tile Picture
Pentacle Tile Picture

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Here you will find information about the artist M. L. Brown. If you would like to know more about the artist please feel free to send her an email!

silver knotwork pentacle
brown knotwork pentacle
a photograph of m. l. brown
silver knotwork pentacle
brown knotwork pentacle

Hello my name is Monica Brown I live in ... WELL bounce back and forth from
Washington to Oregon
every few months taking my work with me. I am a solitary
eclectic wiccan, I follow my heart and I do what I find fits me and my beliefs best.
I've been on my path for 12 years and I'm still happy with what
I have chosen.
I am a very laid back chill person by nature when im
not out in the shop making
im hanging out with my dog Ky watching movies and coming up with new
and fun ideas! I started making
wands when I was about 13 as a fun hobby,
a few years have passed and now
i have wands all over the world!